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Learn how to shave using a straight razor, for beginners and professionals

Classes are offered privately. All Private classes are $40 per hour and are sold in blocks of 3.5hours minimum or $140 +tx.

Available days are Fridays. Start times are somewhat flexible. Book early.

Bring a friend a get 10% off for you and your friend. ($36 per hour each)

Bring 2 friends and get 20% for all of you. ($32 per hour each)

The course

A condensed course providing you with the fundamentals of straight razoring. Be able to provide shaves and clean-ups for your clients. You will learn client preparation, safety, disinfection, equipment care, and shaving techniques.

All tools and equipment necessary for the course completion are included, please bring along 2 or 3 friends with beards so that you can practice on live models. The school is not responsible for supplying models

After completion, you will be awarded a certificate in Shaving.

No Prerequisite*

Coût du cours:

140 $ + tx



Course Curriculum

Certified and Recognized

L'ecole de coiffure International, basée à Montréal, a plus de 21 ans d'expérience dans la préparation et l'équipement des coiffeurs, et barbiers pour travailler et réussir dans l'industrie de la coiffure.

Montreal International Hairdressing School has more than 21 years of experience in the preparation of hairdressers and barbers to work and succeed in the hairdressing industry.

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